R30 Programming Memory Channels

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R30 Programming Memory Channels

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Selecting and Writing a Channel

Example: Writing 145.000 MHz to channel 16 in group 00.
1. Press [VFO/MR] to select the VFO mode.
2. Press [F-INP]. Start entry with the MHz digits. When you finish entering the 1 kHz digit, a beep sounds and the entered frequency is set.

Entering Information

If you want to change the digits from 100 kHz or below, enter [.] and then enter the digits.
If you push [ENT] when the digits from 100 kHz or below are not entered, “0” is automatically entered into the blank digits.
Example: [1], [4], [5], [ENTER] → 145.000 (MHz)
If you enter a frequency out of range, an error beep sounds.
1. Rotate the Tuning Dial to set the frequency and receive mode and so on.
2. Press [MW].
3. Select Write to Selected CH, then press [ENTER].
4. Select the channel by rotating the Tuning Dial. The selected memory channel number blinks.
5. Press [MW].
6. The screen says Write to a blank channel? Rotate the Tuning Dial to select Yes and then press [ENTER]. Two quick beeps sound and the memory channel is written.


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